When using the Wilderness Garbage Recycle Center, please take notice of our guidlelines. In order for our company to continue to provide this no cost service w eneed your cooperation in keeping the facility in operation by recycling properly.


Recycle Center Depot Hours:


Mon-Thurs: 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.


Materials Preparation


NEWSPAPER: Newspaper and anything that comes in the newspaper. Remove any string or bindings

PLASTIC BOTTLES: Butter, yogurt or sour cream, cottage cheese type tubs. Milk jugs, plastic buckets 5 gallons or less. Nursery plant pots 4 inches or larger. Rinse clean, discard lid and rings. No need to flatten.

As is.


Magazines, catalogs, phonebooks, junk mail, envelopes, white/colored paper, computer paper, tin can labels, wrapping paper, shredded paper strips in closed paper bag

PAPERBOARD: Cereal, cracker and shoe boxes (discard liners) soda cartons, paper egg cartons, and paper towel tubes, paper bags



Flatten, recycle in containers in designated area. No waxed cardboard.


GLASS: Clear and colored glass bottles and jars, rinse clean. NO DISHES, GLASSES, CERAMICS, CANDLE HOLDERS or WINDOW GLASS