When using the Wilderness Garbage Recycle Center, please take notice of our guidlelines. In order for our company to continue to provide this no cost service w eneed your cooperation in keeping the facility in operation by recycling properly.


Recycle Center Depot Hours:

Mon – Thursday 9am – 3pm
Friday 9am – noon


Materials Preparation


NEWSPAPER: Anything that comes in the newspaper can be recycled with the newspaper. Please remove any string or banding.

As is.

PLASTIC BOTTLES: (neck smaller than base)
Rinse clean. Discard lid and ring. No need to flatten. Note: If the plastic is not a bottle shape, it is not recyclable.
TIN/ALUMINUM: Cans, jar lids, foil, TV dinner trays, beverage cans. Rinse clean. Remove labels. No need to flatten.

As is.


Paper, envelopes, white & colored paper, computer paper, tin can labels, wrapping paper (no foil or ribbon), shredded paper (strips ONLY, NO CONFETTI). No paper ream wrappers, tissue paper, waxed paper, candy wrappers, snack food bags.


PAPERBOARD: Cereal/cracker/shoe boxes (discard liners), soda and beer cartons, paper egg cartons, (no plastic or Styrofoam) paper towel tubes. No frozen food boxes, paper cups/plates/towels/napkins, pet food bags


Flatten, recycle in containers in designated area. No waxed cardboard.